Instead of setting goals for the year, set quarterly goals. skincarezine skin care zine Website 

 Many career or life coaches suggest that you organize your goals around "aspirational words for the year". This could be "growth".

 "ambition", "organized", "bold", "experimental"--anything you want to cultivate in your upcoming year. The word "ambition" will become the central base from which the other words can be derived.

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 Consider your goals and intentions.

 The thing about selecting one word or one goal for the entire year is that as an artist and entrepreneur, the year is full of seasons for your business. There are different seasons

 Different goals and visions words will be needed. It is not uncommon to find the beginning of the year to be very different from the holiday season, workshop season and art fair season.

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 forget about a season for rest and regeneration.

 Your vision word and goals must be consistent all through the year in order to prevent misalignment. Setting quarterly goals and setting a

 Different words per quarter allow you to more easily align with your mission as an artist and entrepreneur. This allows you to break your goals down into quarters. the shopper mom Website topentertainmentblog 

 You may concentrate on a specific area of your company at a time, and adjust as necessary for that time of year. top entertainment blog Website

 Do a goal check against your "why"

 The power of a reason is greater than a list of revenue or sales goals. Consider why it is that you are aiming for 10 million dollars in sales of art this year.