But every expansion pack may come with a distinct antagonist while the main Diablo IV story will focus on Diablo IV Gold Lilith. Diablo could create an appearance in expansion packs, and a few expansions will feature antagonists. Even though this should keep progress fresh for an extended time, it is unclear if Blizzard intends to charge players more cash by expansion.In a recent interview with Australian site AusGamers, Diablo IV Game Director Luis Barriga and Art Director John Mueller talked about growth strategies and what these imply for the narrative development.

Apparently, every growth will revolve around a new antagonist. Blizzard is altering the recipe for the fourth title. Diablo has been the antagonist because the very first version; fans are familiarized all too nicely with the demon, so this time round he will not be prominently featured from the get-go. Instead, Lilith will turn into the main antagonist (social justice for girls at its finest?), but Diablo is intended to return in a later expansion.

"After we saw the art we were motivated, [Lilith] was a personality that we could build a story around," Barriga clarifies. "What we love about Sanctuary is that we have already planted these seeds. There's a backstory seen in lore books and novels, so we chose to look closer in the creation myth. We believed that we've fought Diablo earlier, and Diablo consistently comes back -- soit was a example of what other bullets do we have on the table just lying around."

Concerning the idea that each expansion is centered around a new recognizable or entirely new character, John Muller says that"Diablo IV is like the very first chapter of a publication. We want to tell a story that is large and we want to inform it, hopefully. Fixing this like the very first chapter of Lilith and a book it feels great knowing that there are these other characters which could come back later on. Or, new personalities we haven't seen before."

This strategy should help relieve the situation where Diablo was feeling less and less of a threat when maximum level characters needed to battle him. On the other hand it unclear what this means for the monetization aspect. Will players be made to cover each incident? Hopefully Blizzard finds out https://www.voidk.com/ a way to keep all expansions free, or at least price each episode at just a portion of the launch title cost.