The weapon mastery system in New World replaces the class-based system present in many MMO games, allowing players to try out all the weapons in the game on a single character. Among the magic New World Gold weapons in the New World, Ice Gauntlet has the most powerful crowd control ability and is a great way to slow down and stop attacks in PvE and PVP. To customize their playstyle, players can upgrade this weapon in a number of different ways.

In New World, the Ice Gauntlet has utility, and it functions very well as a secondary weapon. If the player chooses to go this route, the player's personal attributes should be assigned to the player's primary weapon. But Ice Gauntlet can still be a capable junior if players choose to specialize in it. When pairing an Ice Gauntlet, the best approach is to use another magic weapon as the player's secondary or primary weapon.

The Fire Staff is great if New World Coins players want to deal damage while slowing down with the Ice Gauntlet, although the Life Staff is equally powerful for healing and teamwork. Of course, it depends on the style the player wants to play. If players have Ice Gauntlet as their primary choice, then perhaps players will want to use the Life Staff for some additional healing, although this combo works much better with Life Staff as the mainstay.

Ice Gauntlet has access to three key abilities. These will provide a ton of slow and damage, and in some cases some much-needed safety from nearby enemies. Although Ice Gauntlet can give players a better experience, players should also understand the importance of New World Coins in depth. NewWorldCoins provides all players with the cheapest New World Gold to enhance their overall strength.