I purchase houses for less than retail value... you've seen the ones that have been neglected and abused. You're in one of them within your community right now when you enter the home, the aroma of cat urine could overwhelm your senses. If you could take one more step in to the home you would see debris covering every surface, and food items that are rotting. It is now time to dive out the door you just came in to breathe in fresh air.

This just an example of the type of home I purchase in blue world city Islamabad, they are real junkers and I can get them ready to sell at less than $500.

Here's some of the ways I work:

The first option I employ is hiring contractors or a cleaning service to sweep the premises.

1. I've them take away all junk on the house. I lease one of these large waste containers for the municipal waste disposal. Most of the time, one will do. But sometimes I had to have the city dump it and come back with a new one. It's quite shocking to me how unclean people live.

2. When all the garbage has been removed from the inside and outside, I will have the team remove all carpeting from the premises.

3.I will have the crew clean up the yard and trim trees and shrubs. I ask them to remove any wooden boards from windows and remove any privacy fencing in the front yard.4. I make sure that the locks are changed on all doors.

5. It's now time to get rid of all smells. My favorite weapon involves bleach, and also pine sol. I let my crew use massive amounts of both. I'm talking about gallons of the stuff. When you walk in to the home the bleach should cause your eyes to tear. Don't apply bleach to hardwood flooring. utilize pine sol.

6. I do a couple of more steps to make sure the home is kept clean and fresh. I put a container that is open of bleach in the kitchen. I also dip the light bulbs into vanilla extract, when the power is switched on. The light will heat the vanilla extract that has been dried and produce a wonderful smell every when someone comes through the house.

You're done, the house is now ready to be sold. A majority of the time the house requires some work and paint but I have the new owners take care of this through a program called "Work For Equity". Oh, yah I also make up to forty thousand dollars every when I complete this cleaning up process.