If you browse the web, you're likely to Nba 2k22 Mt see several "best MyCareer build" lists. These are excellent however what you should be doing is think of the player you'd like to play and build your character that way. If you're not going to be competing with the best gamers playing in The City, you'll be perfectly content with the character you select.

Personally, we love playing hard defense (blocks appear to be a bit overpowered in the early stages of this season) as well as setting up our teammates as well as hitting some threes whenever defenses falter. It might not be your style, so you can play on the editing tool to come up with something you love. You'll have a lot more fun by doing this.

One of the challenges that players have in starting out using MyCareer is that they don't have enough vision to get an "B" or higher Teammate Rating. As you begin as an unrated player (unless you decide to spend money to purchase Virtual Currency), you're only getting a few minutes.

This is a way around this issue, and it gives you more opportunities for racking up statistics. Go to your settings and select the Quarter Length option. Choose either 10 , or 12, and you'll have more time on the court than you're prepared you'll do. This helps you get an enormous VC boost, so you can improve your player's skills even more quickly.

This is not a laugh, but it's ridiculous to walk through The City with State Farm's official dress code. After you log in and complete the initial missions make sure you check your Quests. The quest should brings you to Jake on behalf of State Farm. You can talk to him and you'll have the full outfit for when you have a particularly strenuous pickup game to play.

Curry Slide Curry Slide is back in NBA 2K22 but it's currently restricted to those who are able to use a specific method. In recent years it's been hard to find a move that's as popular with players as Curry's slide escape. In a game heavily focused on creating space for open threes the move is a dribble that can be utilized to spam the ball and cover an enormous amount of ground quickly.

While Curry Slide Curry Slide technically shouldn't be accessible to earn or included within NBA 2K22 MyCareer currently However, players have come up with an option that lets them to play the role of a chef. Learn how to obtain and perform your own Curry Slide dribble animation in NBA 2K22 MyCareer in both Current Gen and Next Gen.

There's been speculation to be that Curry Slide will be coming in a future MyCareer season However, for those wondering how to access the move right away and immediately, here's what you need to do. One thing to remember is that as this is an exploit/workaround, this buy 2k22 mt technique is only available to those who have just started with a fresh build.