Let me introduce to you the application of Air Filter Regulator

  1. The primary effect filter can be applied to: office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, gymnasiums, airports and other large-scale civil buildings, ventilation and air conditioning systems, and centralized ventilation systems in industrial plants. Primary filtration of centralized ventilation and air conditioning systems in clean rooms.

  Initial effect of nylon mesh, metal mesh: central air conditioning, primary filtration of household air purifiers, special acid and alkali-resistant ventilation filtration.

  High-temperature-resistant primary filter: used for primary air filtration in high-temperature working spaces.

  2. Medium-efficiency filter: This type of air filter can be pre-installed with a primary-efficiency filter to serve as the second layer of filtration in the filtration system.

  Bag filter: a variety of air filters commonly used in industrial and civil ventilation systems.

  Panel filters: air filtration for pharmaceuticals, hospitals, cosmetics, semiconductor electronics, precision machinery, food and other industries, and air filtration for spray lines.

  Medium-efficiency filters with and without partitions: intermediate filtration in air conditioning systems, air filtration in the pharmaceutical, electronic, and food industries.

  3. High efficiency Hepa filter (H10~H14)

  There are partitions for high efficiency: high-grade purification equipment, end-of-purification system filter components, partial purification equipment and clean workshops. In case of air purification in high-temperature working space, a high-temperature high-efficiency air filter with partitions can be selected

  Liquid tank type high-efficiency filter: It is used for the terminal filtration of various vertical air supply clean workshops.

  There are partitions for high temperature resistance and high efficiency: ultra-clean ovens and other equipment and systems that require high-temperature air purification are air filtration.

  Fourth, ultra-high efficiency filter (U15-U17)

  It is suitable for 100,000-level or million-level clean rooms, and is mostly used in semiconductor manufacturing plants, clean rooms, laminar flow equipment, precision instrument workbenches and other spaces with high air cleanliness.

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