Now you can better understand how to delete the AOL email account or the account would be deleted once the procedure is complete. Therefore, the procedure is free to delete AOL email account. 

 It may be helpful to prepare a backup of all your important documents, emails, and other things. This might be required in the future.

  1. You must check out subscriptions that you have paid for. This might be linked to your AOL account. If any dues are pending you have to clear them and get the subscription to know how to delete AOL email account.

If you are in "How do I delete an AOL email account?" Looking for answer. Question, then you have come to the right place. It should be mentioned that you cannot delete an AOL email account, you can only turn it off permanently. It will also prevent you from using AOL Instant Email. Your information will be deleted only 3 months after it is closed. You can also recover information from your AOL email account after these 3 months. Read the following article in detail to understand the process required to delete AOL email