Generally speaking, whether you are a novice or a veteran of OSRS, you can get three free Treasure Hunter Keys by completing daily challenges. Treasure Hunter Keys play an important role in the game, so how can you increase your possessions for free? How about the number of Treasure Hunter Keys?

Complete daily challenges

Complete daily challenges to get three free Treasure Hunter Keys. These tasks are very simple, you only need to spend a few minutes to complete them. For every three challenges you complete, you will get the progress of a weekly tracker, which has other great rewards, but no free treasure hunter key.

Complete Quests

In the game, we will receive many tasks, and different tasks will get different rewards. You will be rewarded with Treasure Hunter Keys for completing the missions because all missions are rewarded with 2 keys. You can try to find out if there is a quick and easy cleanup task to get the key.

Skilling & Killing

Some keys can also be obtained through skills. You can also obtain keys by killing any monsters in the game, but the chance of this drop is very small. You can try to buy OSRS GP to upgrade your character's skills to kill more monsters to increase the chance of dropping keys.

In addition, there are some other methods RPGStash will not list one by one. It's worth mentioning that players can use Oddments to buy Treasure Hunter Keys. Players can buy 30 per day. You need to spend 450 Oddments. This also means that you need to spend more time acquiring Oddments. This is for time-precious players. Is undesirable.

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