Industrial Cleaning Wet Wipes
Industrial wipes are specially formulated to remove all kinds of dirt and grease from hands and tools. Generally, the best way to remove grease, paint or adhesives is to use a dry cloth with something like heavy-duty hand sanitizer or lemon hand sanitizer-both products can quickly and effectively remove oil, grease, and other dirt . Industrial wipes like these cleansing wipes have an abrasive side that can exfoliate your hands so that you can properly remove dirt.

There are many different types of industrial wipes: center feed paper, toilet paper rolls, large rolls, single sheets and wipes. The ideal choice for wipes dispensers-whether in a commercial kitchen, a doctor's operating room or elsewhere. The wipes dispenser is a hygienic way of storing wet wipes when not in use, and also helps to manage costs through controlled dispensing without the need to touch the dispenser.

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