Laboratories need to provide accurate and acceptable results on  a regular basis.This can be achieved  by periodic calibration of the laboratory equipment.ISO 17025 Certification in Qatar

is a set of standards and regulations provided for laboratories for precise and rapid diagnosis and analysis of the samples.Laboratory attempts to enhance quality aim to reduce diagnostic mistakes and reduce turnaround time with traceability of all laboratory methods.This standards aims to reduce irregularities in the results obtained because of low quality devices,environmental factors, error in the testing method.The laboratory management standard gives detailed guidance for laboratories from sample preparation till analysis of the results obtained.It can be applied to laboratories,testing facilities, research center and pharma companies.

It can be a unique selling point and can be beneficial to stay ahead of the competitors.Many scientists,doctors and research scholars prefer to get their samples tested. ISO 17025 Certification in Philippines can be a proof that can be shown to the stakeholders and clients about the efforts taken to maintain the quality.It is accepted worldwide and can be beneficial for trade.Errors in the results provided can be fatal for the reputation of the laboratory and can cause legal troubles.Laboratory management system aims to increase the reputation and image of the testing facility.The reliability of the results increases,the efficiency of the testing methods and procedures increases.Customer satisfaction increases and the need for testing the results again reduces,the number of complaints received will go down.The risks to the measurement and methods of testing are assessed in the audit and gives guidance to the staff regarding the methods and procedures of testing, records of the calibration are maintained to provide accurate and valid results on a regular basis.It is also compatible with other ISO standards such as ISO 9001 (Quality management system ).It also gives procedure for handling the chemical samples carefully.It gives advice regarding the necessary steps to be taken to avoid fines.This enhances the entire performance of the laboratory and gives awareness to the staff about the importance of calibration and measures to be taken to maintain the accuracy of the results.It enhances  the focus of the staff towards procedures to be followed to provide reliable and accurate results on a regular basis.It reduces the operation costs that are occurred due to retest.The roles and responsibility of the staff are clearly mentioned ,it gives a sense of responsibility and accountability in the employees and avoids confusions in the workplace.It ensures the consumers are satisfied and increases the brand reputation and helps in consumer retention.Laboratory management also helps in maintaining the relationship between the customers and gain the trust of the stakeholders.


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