Halal certificate is a document that proves that the food product is prepared in accordance with islamic law.Halal means lawful in arabic.HALAL Certification in Qatar is a proof that the food products does not contain any ingredients that are haram.Halal food certificate provides a documented proof to the consumer that the food  is prepared in accordance with the sharia law.Many consumers prefer to buy Halal certified products.Halal certified products can be easily exported to middle east countries.It can improve business of the company as there are millions of consumers who prefer to purchase halal certified products.Halal certified products can be easily marketed in middle east countries.It can be an effective marketing tool.Halal certification is applicable to meat,medicine , personal care items.Insects,alcohol, pork,blood are considered are haram.


HALAL Certification in iraq is a proof that the food and pharmaceutical items do not contain the materials and ingredients that are forbidden.Halal certification aims to gain the trust of the consumer and ensure the needs of the consumers are satisfied.Consumer satisfaction has many benefits to business such as it helps in increasing the sales,it reduces the number of complaints received,it increases the brand value and reputation.Customers in middle eastern countries to prefer to buy halal certified products ,this helps to be ahead of the competitors who are not halal certified.This helps to generate more business.Halal certification is a sign of quality and helps the consumers take a voluntary decision before purchase.Halal certification is a sign of quality and authenticity.Animals are slaughtered according to the procedures that are prescribed in the Quran.The effectiveness of the slaughtering process leading to complete animal bleed out therefore ensuring that all the rules and guidelines given in the Quran are followed.Halal certification ensures all the methods starting from manufacturing to transportation are in accordance with the islamic law.It helps businesses gain access to new consumer segments.HALAL certified products are accepted in many countries.It also ensures the food is hygienic and nutritious.The global halal food industry in growing dynamically and it generates more revenue to the organization.It informs the consumers that the product meets the Islamic dietary standards and provides all the necessary information regarding the food and pharmaceutical product.


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