The release of Amazon's game studio MMO New World was a huge success. The Steam chart shows that the number of New World players on the first day exceeded 700,000, causing the server to wait in line. A few days later, its historical peak appeared, with more than 910,000 players.

However, players soon discovered design issues that prevented players from playing the game the way they wanted. Nevertheless, due to fascinating faction wars and interesting PvE potential, expeditions, large collections and productions, the fun seems to have continued. What really started to spread negative sentiment in the community and disperse players was the New World Gold replication failure and subsequent economic disaster, which triggered a series of events, resulting in less communication between developers and more distrust of players.

The state of New World after its release is pretty good, but it is clear that the game is not yet ready to be released. After numerous bans against cheaters and exploiters, most of them are permanent. There has been a lot of hype surrounding the release of Into the Void's November update, which aims to introduce a large number of enemies and new weapons, as well as fix old problems and solve more pressing problems.

However, this patch is full of secret changes to the core mechanics of New World, such as the way players can farm endgame equipment and increase their watermarks and equipment scores. The production system has also changed, making it more difficult for production skills to reach the upper limit, simply because it takes more New World Gold and more materials to complete the same thing in a longer period of time.

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