RuneScape will get its 28th skill overall - the first in four years - when Jagex introduces Archaeology to RS gold match this coming January. As they explore the excavation locations, strong relics and weapons have been uncovered, alongside knowledge and demon pacts which have been lost to time.

RuneScape also plans to build upon its Time's Land Out growth content with The Ranch Out of Time. The amount cap will be also seen by its arrival for Herblore and Farming raised from 99 to 120. Also announced at the keynote was premature accessibility for RuneScape Mobile later this season will come. The mobile version will include play together with the desktop game, meaning every runescape player who enjoys RuneScape can take their entire experience on the go.

Finally, Old School RuneScape is not being forgotten, as a brand new expansion is coming to the MMORPG. The headline statement for Old School RuneScape was the Morytania Expansion, that will open Darkmeyer's vampyre city to both mobile and desktop runescape players. Previously inaccessible, the city will show activities and a brand new agility course. The growth will also deliver Sins of the Father, the penultimate quest in the Myreque series.

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Along with skilling content along with a new band manager -- Ashihama's Nightmare. The Morytania Expansion starts in 2020. Old School RuneScape will also be getting a brand new game mode, Leagues, as well as a new Clan system that enables runescape players to arrange their own events, monitor progress with their team as well as compete with rival Clans from the runescape game. We'll have much more protection from RuneFest 2019 so make certain to stay tuned!

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