Hardcover notebook is a notebook binding method, with a protective hard bottom cover (usually cardboard, covered with fabric, thick paper or calfskin leather). Notebooks in mainland China are usually paperback notebooks, but paperback notebooks are not suitable for storage. Hardcover notebooks are a beautiful, easy-to-save notebook, so stationery collectors love notebooks.

Hardcover notebook process
A process for making a hardcover notebook with a stand-alone and hand-made notebook. The process is divided into three lines, namely the notebook core, notebook cover and sleeve.

Notebook core processing flow: semi-finished product printing starts → hitting the page → opening the material → sticking and nesting → sticky ring lining → collating → lock line → semi-finished product inspection → flattening → stacking and flattening → cutting notebooks → binding notebooks → applying adhesives → Dry splits → Cut notebooks →

Apply adhesive → turn round → ridge → apply adhesive → damp → stick notebook ribbon → sticky head cloth → apply adhesive → stick notebook backing → stick notebook backing → apply adhesive → stick paper.

Notebook seal processing process: calculate the size of the notebook shell → open the material → apply adhesive → group shell → shell plug angle → flattening → natural drying → hot stamping.

Sleeve processing process: Apply middle seam adhesive → sleeve shell → pressure groove → sweep lining → flattening and setting → natural drying → finished product inspection → encapsulation → packing and labeling.

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