In recent years, numerous European countries and some U.S. states have made substantial efforts to ban combustion engine-powered passenger cars in major cities. The domino effect of these bans might alter the motorcycle industry as we currently know it, and it's perhaps prudent to start taking electric motorcycles a bit more seriously. Zero Motorcycles is well ahead of the curve, and it has made significant progress to become the leading electric motorcycle manufacturer globally with an impressive lineup of 100-percent electric motorcycles.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.
For staunch motorcycle enthusiasts, the thought of no clutch and no gears sounds like pure heresy. Nonetheless, considering popular brands like Harley-Davidson and Ducati already have their toes in electrification, plug-in culture could very well be the future of motorcycling. Zero Motorcycles is a start-up that believes in zero emissions. It has achieved its goal through an unprecedented combination of revolutionary 'smart' bike technology, industry-leading power, and traction. But since that's not all there is about Zero, here's what we know so far about the all-electric motorcycle company.

Neal Saiki, a former NASA engineer, founded Zero Motorcycles in 2006 in Santa Cruz, California. Registered as Electricross at the time, Neal worked as the CEO and CTO to develop electric motorcycle technology, including electric motors, lithium-ion battery packs, and motorcycle frames.

Through his innovation as an aeronautical engineer, Neal led his team to make the company's first electric motorcycle prototype, dubbed 'The Drift.' At a time when there wasn't a single mass-produced electric car or motorcycle on the market, the 140lb electric bike was not just thrilling to ride but a revolutionary masterpiece for its time.

After changing the company name from Electricross, the company rebranded the Zero logo to highlight its Zero Emissions theme in 2017. Zero had already made waves in Santa Cruz from the Drift prototype and excited the local dirt biker and pro mountain bikers. Therefore, it made sense to focus on off-road bikes to break into the motorcycle market.

The Zero X was the first bike from Zero, and it featured two switches; one for torque and the other for top speed. Although the Zero X lacked extensive range and high top speed, its electric powertrain was powerful and quiet. The bike opened new riding possibilities and formed the DNA for the current Zero motorcycle lineup.

In 2009, Zero Motorcycles proudly hosted the world's first 24-hour electric motorcycle race. Zero staged the off-road event, labeled The 24 Hours of Electricross, in the heart of San Jose at a local off-road motorcycle park.

The race event involved completing a dizzying 1,015 laps and 502.1 miles, with the winning team setting a world record in the process. All the ten teams that participated managed to cross the finish line, an incredible statement about Zero electric motorcycles' durability.