What are the causes of colour difference in household products? How to control? Especially when making some special materials, such as engineering plastics or fireproof materials, the defective rate is extremely high due to product colour difference, which is a headache problem for most injection moulding technicians. Today, the reasons for the color difference in injection moulding caused by Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) manufacturing are analyzed and discussed.

1. We can analyze from the injection moulding machine table and the household product mould itself. We should choose an injection moulding machine with the same capacity as the main product of injection moulding. If the injection moulding machine has problems such as dead corners of materials, it is better to replace the equipment. For the color difference caused by the mould gating system, exhaust slot, etc., it can be solved through the maintenance of corresponding parts of the mould. We must first solve the problems of injection moulding machines and household product mould before we can organize production to reduce the complexity of the problem.

2. Eliminating the influence of raw material resin and colour masterbatch and controlling raw materials is the key to completely solve color difference. Therefore, especially in the production of light-coloured products, the obvious influence of different thermal stability of raw resin on the color fluctuation of products cannot be ignored. In view of the fact that most injection moulding manufacturers do not produce plastic masterbatches or color masterbatches themselves, attention can be focused on production management and raw material inspection.

3. Eliminate the influence of uneven mixing of masterbatch and colour master batch. Poor mixing of plastic masterbatch and color master batch will also make the color of products changeable. After the masterbatch and the masterbatch are mechanically mixed evenly, when the masterbatch and the masterbatch are fed into the hopper through lower suction, the masterbatch are separated from the masterbatch due to electrostatic action and are easily adsorbed on the hopper wall, which will inevitably cause the change of the masterbatch quantity in the injection cycle, thus generating colour difference. This situation can be solved by sucking the raw materials into the hopper and then manually stirring them.

4. To reduce the influence of adjustment of injection moulding process on non-color difference reasons When adjusting injection moulding process parameters, do not change the injection moulding temperature, back pressure, injection moulding cycle and colour masterbatch addition amount as much as possible, while adjusting, observe the influence of process parameter changes on colour and lustre, and adjust in time if colour difference is found.

5. To reduce the influence of cartridge temperature on colour difference, it is often encountered in production that the cartridge temperature changes drastically due to damage and failure of a heating ring or uncontrolled and long-term burning of a heating control part, resulting in colour difference.

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