5 ways to make your BEDROOM FEEL LIKE A SPA


 With summer coming closer, I finally bought linen bedding for our bedroom. It was the perfect time to start a spring clean and to make our bedroom feel 
more serene and serene. So I wanted to share a few things I did that are easy ways to help make your bedroom as relaxing as spa. (I haven't shared my entire 
bedroom, but I have linked to a lot of the items below!)

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 A brand new set of sheets is the best! For years I had a desire for sheets made of linen, but could not find them in shops like Target or elsewhere. They were 
always hard. I'd heard of these sheets for a long time, and finally got to try these. They're soft and they are comfortable! They make me want to sleep in bed 
all night! The sheets are highly rated 5 stars by more than 80k customers. I also like the fact that they come with labels that show the size and sides. Use 
code: ANDREW20 and receive $20 off your order.


 When we're discussing linens, let's talk the color scheme. I like a great color scheme to give a space a calm, fresh energy. I prefer to make my bed white and 
neutral. But with these sheets, you can mix and match the colors of sheets, duvets and shams. I experimented with mixing cream and white. It came out 
fantastic! It's very extravagant and costly. I also love the neutrals. They have tons of pretty shades that look great together. I believe that using an unisex or 
muted color palette goes far in bringing a relaxing vibe in the bedroom.