Culture, Education, and Human Development in Berlin and Sarah Lawrence College's program for a semester abroad at Oxford University, Wadham College.


Ana's first book, Cult Artists 50 Cutting-Edge Creatives That You Must Be aware of was published in the year the year 2019. In April, she released What, her second book.


Alexander McQueen: What Fashion Can teach Us - A biographical account of the fashion designer who tragically committed suicide in 2010.


AA: Are artists at greater risk for mental health problems than other professionals? Why or why not enjoyedsports enjoyed sports Website enjoyed sports com study-sports study sports Website study sports com
AFH (As with most things: Yes and No). Artists' mental wellbeing is affected when they're exposed to certain stresses in their profession. I was listening recently to enjoy-sports-life enjoy sports life Website enjoy sports life com sportslikepro sports like pro Website sports like pro com sportingliving sporting living Website sporting living com 

Decoder Ring is an excellent podcast about Ilona Granet (feminist-activist artist) and her path to success. It