Decoder Ring, one of my favorite podcasts, features an episode that is awe-inspiring about Ilona Grandet's life and her frustrations. It


We ended with the profound observation: "Being an artist is an extremely high-risk type of being human." This is usually true. sceneunited scene united Website scene united com headusnext head us next Website head us next com dailyworldpost daily world post Website daily world post com 

A structure that is inherently and fundamentally unstable to support a sustainable and healthy adult life without stability in the financial or social aspects, it
can be difficult for most people to follow the path of a career.


Both sides of Maslow's hierarchy of needs are an obstacle for artists. Artists are considered to be vulnerable in public but up until recent, they were able to
express basic requirements. debt-to-income debt to income Website debt to income com investconcept invest concept Website invest concept net

needs was stigmatized as crass and sexy.