Good manufacturing process is a concept that ensues the products are regularly produced and controlled according to the internationally accepted standards.GMP Certification in Philippines is designed and developed in such a way that it  causes minimum risk to the consumer.GMP constitutes the license to operate in pharmaceutical , food , fodder manufacturing, and is accepted globally.However, rules and regulations change from country to country frequently. Therefore, having fully trained experts at hand to insist with the implementation of these rules and guidelines  is very important.

Basic guidelines and key points of GMP 

  • The production  distribution and storage  of the medicine,food ,fodder  should minimize any risk to their quality.
  • Manufacturing  units must maintain a clean and hygienic manufacturing section, including laboratories  and warehouse.
  • Manufacturing facility design,layout , operating techniques and environmental conditions must be controlled to prevent cross contamination of drug products,food,fodder  and to prevent cross contamination from labelled or unlabelled material or products.
  • Manufacturing methods  must be perfectly defined, validated and monitored  to ensure accuracy  and compliance with specifications and legal requirements. Any changes to the manufacturing  process are assessed from a consumer safety and product quality perspective, and any approved variation  that may affect the quality  of the medicine are qualified or validated as per the requirement.
  • Instructions and  manufacturing procedures  methodologies must be written and documented  in an  unambiguous and easy to understand  language
  • GMP Registration in iraq requires workers and machine operators should be trained to carry out the manufacturing  and control of products according to documented and approved guidelines.
  • Documentation should be made during production  and quality control, demonstrating that all the actions required by the defined procedures and guidelines are executed as per the good manufacturing process, and that the specified quality control  attributes of the goods  have been met. Irregularities are investigated and recorded.
  • The manufacturing  process must remain in a state of  precise control throughout the product lifecycle  and necessary changes are done.
  • Feedbacks  about marketed goods  should be noted , the reason  for quality defects and imperfections  investigated, and required actions are  taken with respect to the imperfect products and to prevent further irregularities. 


Poor quality medicines and food products can be harmful  for both patients and governments from a health and a price  perspective. If corporations cannot produce  appropriate quality products due to GMP issues there is a high chance  of medicine and food shortage, which affects patients and consumers who cannot get their prescribed medication and food items when they require  it. 

GMP can help increase  pharmaceutical export opportunities. Lot of countries globally  only accept the import and sale of drugs  that have been manufactured and stored according  to internationally recognised GMP standards.

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