The shower column is the name in the industry. The concept in the minds of many consumers may still be at the stage of the shower, shower, or sprinkler because before the shower column appeared, the bathroom decoration was relatively simple, maybe only a Hand Showers (handheld) or a head shower (top spray). Later, with the development of the bathroom industry and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more families began to use shower columns, and the functions of shower columns became more and more abundant; because the pace of urban life is getting faster and faster, many people are very Enjoy the comfort of taking a shower when you return home after getting off work; therefore, it can also be said that the showerhead is actually the predecessor of the shower column.

Rain Shower Columns, including Shower Heads at the top of the shower column, one or more small fixed pinhole showers and knobs for adjusting the water temperature and flow, and a hand-held shower head with adjustable hand-held flowers at the middle of the shower column Sprinkle the fixed guide groove of the installation height. The fixed guide groove is arranged on the side of the shower column and beside the decorative surface, and its cross-section is T-shaped or C-shaped. A decorative board is arranged on the front of the shower column, and a decorative surface is arranged on the side of the shower column. Since there are T-shaped or C-shaped fixed guide grooves on the side of the shower column, the installation or access height of the handheld shower can be adjusted according to the needs of different people; the integrated aluminum alloy Rain Shower Columns can be sprayed in various colors The coating can also be made into different lengths according to the different needs of users to meet the needs of different users.