There are many places that cheap OSRS GP can be wet, but it is possible to have rain in some places. It is dry in the desert. Another location that doesn't get rain is in the entire structure of buildings, houses castles, etc. Caves, Volcanoes, Mines, are also free of rain.

Another idea is how hard it rains and in which areas. For deserts, it would be an occasional drizzle. In swamps it would be showering, while in cities it would be light rain. Thunderstorms can be quite cool, as well. There would be sounds of thunder and lightning flashes at times (again depending on the location you're in.) It wouldn't be too annoying, as lightning flashes in certain games just adds a little zing to the game.

Gladiators: The Oldest Knights' Ancestors Crazy Warriors, and More. This is your possibility of becoming one for the first time. However, it's not just as easy to fight in the Arena and increasing your levels. The first step is to finish the Ancient Triumph quest. In the present, there are Two Gladiator Masters, and one is situated in the City of the Gladiators, close to the Arena.

The name of his character is Varce. Varce is wearing the Elite 10th Gladiator Armour with a Gladiator Skillcape. He Sells the Gladiator Skillcape with the hood for 99,000 GBP. He is also called Ivan who is situated near the Duel Arena. He wears Gladiator's Pride Armour. Both the Gladiator Cape and Gladiator Cap are available at the Arena. He can sell Gladiator's Beginner Armour as well as Gladiator's Beginner Dagger. (Dagger can't be put in a posion).

Gladiator Emote. You can OSRS gold for sale purchase Varce's skillcape after you have reached Level 99 Gladiator. The description of the emote reads"A Three-Headed Abomination appears and strikes a 40 on player. He is unaffected. Elite 10th Gladiator Armour is later equipped, and the abomination is killed by one hit, leaving behind a huge pile of bones. He then flexes, and the armour is removed.