The use of Disposable Medical Consumables is used according to different materials in accordance with the corresponding use rules, specifications, operating standards, and use objects, and strictly implement aseptic operation technology, medical technology access system, and operating technical specifications.

Strict inspection before operation: Physicians conduct strict inspections on implants, interventional materials, various medical kits, catheters, and other materials before use, and they can use them only if they have no quality problems. The nurses check the medical consumables they use before use. Such as the expiry date and tightness of the package. Such as whether the puncture needle has rust spots, stains, and infusion.

Disposable medical consumables cannot be reused, otherwise, it is easy to cause cross-infection or secondary infection, and even cause unpredictable serious consequences.

For example, Saliva Collectors. The saliva collector is used to collect saliva samples secreted by the oral cavity and store them at room temperature. After the sample is extracted, it is used for clinical in vitro diagnosis. If it is used many times, it is very easy to cause some diseases to be transmitted through saliva to infect healthy people.