In fact, cosmetic Airless bottles can also prevent excessive exposure to the air, and can extend the shelf life of the product by more than 15%. With the rapid development of airless technology, the future of cosmetics, medical and cosmetic packaging has also greatly developed. If you want to put quality plastic rolls on the bottle, here is your best solution to get excellent service at the best price. Generally, airless bottles do not immerse in the tube rather than the diaphragm, but instead rise to easily empty the product to an excellent condition. When the user also presses the pump, the product can be effectively attracted upwards, resulting in a wide range of Airless effects. Most consumers also use the product without any waste. Using plastic rolls on bottles, this would be a great choice to eliminate metal content. The new airless plastic roller also has an external metal spring, which will effectively prevent the sensitive skin of the product from contacting the metal.

How does an airless pump help the environment?

Modern airless pumps are considered an environmentally sound method and are suitable to easily bring you full propulsion. These bottles also rely on aerosols and use propellants such as dimethyl ether or nitrous oxide. In general, airless packaging does not rely on anything more than pushing the product towards a superior internal structured air pressure. Aerosols are also known to be harmful to the environment, so airless bottles can replace this product. In fact, these are common bottle types, widely used in cosmetic packaging, which rely primarily on immersing the tube to attract the product. The airless bottle dispenser also prevents oxidation of sensitive products in the bottle. In general, oxygen has the absolute ability to easily accelerate the life of a product, so it also has the ability to cause oxidative decay. As a result, the shelf life and decay will be shortened, and the airless pump will prevent the product from interacting with oxygen. Airless bottles also keep the product longer.


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