China is the source of 90% of global projects. More and more business people are now entering the procurement industry. Importing merchandise from China market seems to be a challenging task. In this article, we will share some tips for importing goods from china. These tips will definitely make it easy for you to import merchandise from china market to foreign countries. And you will be able to do it without making any mistakes.

1 Where can I find suppliers?

Most buyers engaged in China's import business used to visit exhibitions to directly look for suppliers. It is easy to check their showroom at the show. In addition, if you want to import merchandise from china, you can also learn about the quality by touching the samples and directly get all the information about Chinese commodity suppliers.

2 How to verify the supplier?

In the process of importing merchandise from china, after you find the correct item at the supplier, the next step you need to do is to "verify the supplier". When verifying a supplier, you can ask yourself two questions. 

These questions are:

Is this the real supplier?

Can they deliver exactly the same items you want on time?

3 If needed, please ask for certification

Before importing merchandise from china, you need to understand some general trade terms in China to avoid any payment errors.

Tips for importing merchandise from china

4 Check the price-match the quality

I think there may be thousands of ways you can negotiate prices with Chinese commodity suppliers; here, I have something to say: "The best price is not the lowest price; this is a reasonable price.

China's production industry has a long history and professional system, so the cost of most products is quite competitive. When importing merchandise from china, you need to find a suitable price to match the quality you want.

5 Clearly communicate all details

When importing merchandise from china, you must bear in mind that you must face language and cultural differences. Many problems between suppliers and buyers can be traced to poor communication.

To avoid misunderstandings, when importing merchandise from china, all your product specifications, from quality requirements, color requirements, packaging and labeling requirements to delivery time, should be in written form.

6 Contact people with good sales

Sometimes I think you choose a supplier not because of their company/factory, but because of their sales. Imported goods from China, good promotional items can make your purchase more smooth and effective.

7 Request samples

You can request samples before placing an order. You can even request parts from the processing order.

The above are some of tips for importing merchandise from china. Importing merchandise from china market to foreign countries is a bit complicated. If you feel that it is time-consuming to import merchandise from china market, you can hire a Chinese purchasing agent to do it for you.