Middle East and Africa Coffee Market Size Was Valued at USD 774.23 Million in 2022, and is Projected to Reach USD 1,040.99 Million by 2030, Growing at a CAGR of 3.77% From 2023-2030.

Roasted espresso beans are used to make coffee, one type of beverage. It tastes sour and rather acidic, and it has a shadowy appearance. Because it contains caffeine, coffee has a very clean effect on its drinkers. In the global market for warm drinks, it has the biggest sales volume.

The coffee markets in the Middle East and Africa have grown significantly in the last several years. Coffee drinking has long played a significant role in the cultural legacy of both areas, with traditional coffee shops serving as hubs for social interaction. Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey have long been known for their coffee drinking customs, and younger generations are increasingly gravitating toward specialty coffee. Africa, the home of coffee, has witnessed a boom in production as well as consumption, with nations such as Ethiopia and Kenya becoming known for their superior coffee beans.

With more artisanal coffee shops offering distinctive mixes and brewing techniques, the specialty coffee market is growing. This change is a reflection of shifting customer tastes and an increasing desire for better coffee experiences.

Coffee production is still booming in Africa, where fair-trade and sustainability methods are becoming more and more important. Arabica beans are well-known for coming from Ethiopia and Kenya and are highly valued for their unique flavors. However, issues like market price fluctuations and climate change continue to exist, impacting smallholder farmers' livelihoods as well as the coffee industry as a whole.

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Leading players involved in the Middle East and Africa Coffee Market include:

"Boncafe Middle East, Medcafe and Roastery, Misr International Coffee Company, Orbis Coffee Roasting Company, Ethiopia Kaffa Coffee, Miko Coffee, SeyCafe’s, Coffee Bros, Raw Bean Roasters, Circle Coffee, BunaBuna Coffee, Mombasa Coffee, Beka Coffee, Ethiopia Kaffa Coffee, Oromia Coffee Cooperative Union"

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Segmentation of Middle East and Africa Coffee Market:

By Product Type

·         Whole Bean Coffee

·         Ground Coffee

·         Instant Coffee

·         Coffee Pods

·         Capsules

By Variety     

·         Arabica

·         Robusta

·         Canephora

By Distribution Channel     

·         On Trade

·         Off Trade

By Region     

·         Middle East & Africa (Turkey, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Israel, South Africa)

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