alleviate this issue by collecting dog tags. Peacekeeper  EFT Roubles LL3 offers the R11 RSASS for 20 Dog tags that are about level 15 or above. Hence, you can save your ~1 million roubles without buying the gun from the FLEA market. Keep in mind that you can still find the R11 RSASS in-game. Let’s jump to the quest dialog below.Are you good at hiding? Not good enough, I guess, for Sniper not to find you. I kinda feel for the guy, what’s his name, Brendan I think. Interesting, all our heroes of the past that caused such admiration, where have they all gone?

Why everybody turned out to be so empty. Why now, with this chaos around, such folks as Sniper became heroes for us? Why we’ve been.

ignoring such war dogs, and now we’re looking for their friendship? What do you think? I have another order, for R11 RSASS. With a Sighting Range of 1500 or above. Weight 6.5 kg or less. Also needs a silencer, ergonomics more than 21, and recoil sum less than 350.