The Flat Hook is used to fasten two objects. Flat Hook generally refers to the button-type firmware installed on doors and windows to lock doors and windows. It is generally composed of a movable part and a fixed part. The closing and opening of the door and window are achieved through the combination and separation of the movable part and the fixed part.

There are many types of Flat hooks, and their uses are also wide.
1. Improve the firmness of the joints and truly realize the overall movement of the floor.
2. Improved bonding strength. After the general floor is used for a period of time, due to thermal expansion and contraction, the joints of the floor will become larger, and the cured glue in the joint will crack so that once moisture enters the interior of the floor, the edge of the floor will be warped. This accounts for more than 50% of the cause of floor damage. The Flat Hook design deliberately leaves a glue cavity in the floor for the glue to flow and solidify, which can accurately lock the floor at the design position, reduce the possibility of joints becoming larger and edges upturned, and improve the appearance and service life of the floor.
3. It is more convenient to take care of. In Europe, where the climate is dry, there is no glue habit when installing floors. In China, not only is the climate humid, but the family has a habit of mopping the floor with a wet cloth, so gluing has become a necessary measure to protect the floor.
4. Repeated disassembly and multiple uses. The flat hook is easy to install, and it’s a perfect fit. When installing, it can be used without glue, which is convenient for multiple uses; a small amount of glue can also be applied to double protection for the floor's moisture-proof and connection. When disassembling, you only need to lift one side of the floor at a 30-degree angle, and it can be removed, especially suitable for the trendy DIY people who pay attention to environmental protection.

The Lashing Buckles installation procedure is simple, easy to use, safe, firm, anti-vibration, strong tightness, and can be repeatedly closed and opened countless times.