The drysuit is the ultimate protective apparel for kayakers, rafters, canoeists, and others venturing out on cold waters. However, do you know how to put on a drysuit smoothly? Below are some easy tips that I would like to share with you.

Firstly, loosen the Waist Band or Belt. Before you start, make sure the waistband or belt is loose. 

Secondly, slide drysuit over your legs. Step into the drysuit and pull it on like a pair of pants. Ensure that your feet are in the socks. 


Thirdly, check your wrist and neck gaskets. The gaskets on the suit openings at the wrists and neck are crucial for keeping water out. To protect them from damage, remove any sharp jewelry or watches before donning the suit.

Finally, put one arm through a sleeve. Start by putting one arm through a sleeve. And then, do the same with the other arm and check.

In conclusion, it's important to put on a drysuit correctly, otherwise, your drysuit can't prevent you warm and dry from the cold water. Follow our tips and try to put on your drysuit now!