New World recently released the Into the Void update, which brings many new features and fixes. However, one thing players did not expect is that this also makes the endgame more difficult. Players have to spend more New World Gold to enhance their character abilities.

Last weekend, endgame players noticed some high-level enemies gaining significant gains on Reddit and elsewhere. The net effect of this gain is that certain enemies are almost impossible to be knocked down in a single player game, thus further prolonging the already savage endgame. Although many players understand Amazon Game Studios wants players to try Party Play more, this approach is still too extreme. After all, not all players will like multiplayer action. Some players are willing to spend more New World Gold and hope to complete these tasks by their own ability.

News of these changes quickly spread to other members of the community, sparking further controversy in a game that was tortured by duplication exploits, a currency crisis, and other issues. Amazon Game Studios stated that the team’s goal is to have a “variety of areas” where players can go to make materials and equipment. Players can buy the materials they need through New World Gold. In addition, Amazon Game Studios also hopes that players will feel the challenge in return.

In fact, Amazon Game Studios hopes to bring players a richer and more versatile New World. They hope that through this update, players can focus more on completing more arduous tasks on their own. Players may wish to choose to buy New World Gold on IGGM to upgrade equipment and character ratings, rather than evading the difficulty of the task. IGGM will provide all players with a 5% discount on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday and the discount code is "Thanks".

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