Play Chainsaw Dance - A music game is very popular, you have to dance to the rhythm to survive against chainsaw man. 

The game is inspired by the famous chainsaw main comic series. Combined with the wonderful melodies from around the world, the game brings a sense of excitement and fear for players when danger is always lurking in their mistakes.

There are many different game modes, in the most difficult mode of the game, every time you make a mistake will cause you to start over, you need to do everything perfectly. 

In the easiest mode, get familiar with the gameplay, the game interface and discover all the great songs the game brings.

With a fast, attractive, and exciting rhythm, the game will bring a feeling of absolute relaxation for players. It is no less challenging for players on more difficult levels.

The graphics are simple but extremely suitable for the game because chainsaw dance focuses on your listening experience. The sound music of the new game is what keeps you at the keyboard.

There are no good and bad sides to the game, it's simply a challenge of who is fast or to chill with the music. Each song fits the theme of chainsaw dance.

In the future, many new tracks will be added to the game, promising new exciting music parties and new challenges for players. The Multiplayer function promises a disco experience that promises a future number one music game