All of it is available to be found in Nba 2k22 Mt. While these extracurricular activities rarely go beyond a handful of hilarious cutscenes or fetch quests but it's a great addition since a lot of conversations and choices are about life beyond NBA NBA and what is meant by being more than just an athlete.

A celebrity, however, has heightened consequences for your actions. There is no need to participate in any of this, because you're able to simply go through match after match in search of more stats as you increase your MP. However, I can appreciate the sense of depth, dimension and diversity.

Unfortunately, the MyCareer mode suffers from some of the same issues that have repeatedly plagued the series for years. As your performance within games is determined by the same system of scoring that was in place in previous iterations, you are too often penalised for things which are not in your control. As an example, your opponent is able to be assigned to defend an opponent in a particular way, but when faced with a screen, they prefer to fight for it and follow the designated player.

Then, randomly, this player assigned to gets switched with the one who was screening you. As they go towards the opposite end of the court. This court is now left open and unsupervised. You are punished with severe leave defensive assignment's and defensive breakdown penalties that affect your performance and aren't your fault. It's not a huge issue but it's one that has endured long enough to cause me to be annoyed enough to warrant mentioning it here.

With the exception of mt 2k22 a stronger MyCareer mode, the majority of the models remain the same. Taking over an entire NBA franchise with the MyNBA mode allows you to choose and assign coaching and front office staff to meet the requirements and goals of your team. I have never observed affecting the court on such a significant scale.