With the promotion of environmental protection everywhere in recent years, we can see that some expandable container house are now being used in many places.

Because this kind of house will be very clean to make and the cost of making it will be very low. Therefore, many construction sites like to use these materials to build houses. So some friends want to know where to find the reliable container house manufacturers.

In fact, we all know that if we want to find a reliable container mobile house, then we can find out which manufacturer has won the trust of many people through some formal platforms. We must know that the masses have discerning eyes.

Container houses are also important to every construction site. This place at the construction site is exposed to the wind and sunshine every day, which requires quality assurance.

PTH container units are modular with the use of steel structural frame and thermal resistant material. This energy efficient product is commonly used i n Construction camp site, Public building, Residential units and Special application areas.

PTH has upgraded the current version of container modules, all the components of the new version of container modules are made from standard and automatic production procedure.Installation procedure of the upgr aded version containers are easy and reduces the on-site labor requirement.

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