We all love our beds to the point where we may find it difficult to fall asleep in other beds. At the first thought of home shifting, we find ourselves planning over disassembling our bed to take along with us.

But we advise you to think once more. Will it be the best option for you?

That’s because there is a lot of money, time and effort involved in shifting a bed using one or the other Packers and Movers Hisar.

In this article, we talk about a few things before deciding if it's a good idea to take your bed along with you.

How Far are you Moving?

It makes sense to hire a movers and packers in Chandigarh to move your bed over a small distance. Like within a town or within the same state. But when one crosses hundreds of miles across a nation, it's almost never worth it to transport beds such long distances.

That’s because today companies, like Fabrento, rent beds and other furniture like wardrobes, study tables, etc. And that too at a nominal monthly rental. Due to this, it makes no sense to pay heavy freight and shift your bed.

Sell off the bed to someone who will take it away by getting a tempo for shifting in Chandigarh.

Rather, look if anyone similar to you is looking for a bed in your area. There are many who scroll through an endless list in marketplaces, like OLX, to buy affordable second hand beds for their new tenure in the city. Thus, you can help someone by giving away your bed. Moreover, it will be the onus of the new owner to take away the bed by hiring a tempo for shifting in Chandigarh.

Size matters

A bed frame usually can be fully or half dismantled. What's your bed type?

What is the actual size of your bed? Even in best cases, moving in a bed frame may be difficult through passages, entrances, or staircases.

Do you have thorough knowhow of your new house?

Do you have an idea of the passageways to your new home - is it narrow or does it have ample space to take in the bed, even when partially dismantled? Will the bed fit into the living room of the new house and match the overall design?

Make and condition of the bed

Is your bed made of expensive teak wood or sheesham? Then, getting an efficient movers and packers in Chandigarh like JD Movers and Packers can be hired to get the bed delivered to your new house.

Consider the condition of the bed before shifting.

Is it brand new? Is it in excellent condition? It makes sense to take it with you if it's new.

On the other hand, an old or somewhat broken bed is better to be sold off second hand after some repair and a fresh coat of paint of course.

Consider the circumstances before hiring a movers and packers in Chandigarh.

If in case you are shifting to your dream home, then buying a new bed after the move is better.

Also, beds hold a sentimental value. Because it was the bed where you went for a deep slumber at the end of a hard day. Or drifted off to sleep on your not so good days.

So, what’s the story of your bed?

Before you make up your mind, assess your bed’s size and its condition. But before all that, think over if your new location has ample space to take in the bed. Also weigh the pros and cons of shifting your bed before reaching out to a Packers and Movers Panchkula.