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If you’re seeking to improve your customer satisfaction — and, by extension, customer loyalty — it starts by equipping your frontline staff with the skills, techniques, and support to turn them into confident and capable professionals using essentials customer service. Through essentials customer service training, staff members learn about transactional and interactional skills and how they apply those in a positive manner with every customer to create great experiences. Many positive impressions combine into a stellar reputation with your customers that keep them coming back!

Learning Outcomes

Customer Service Essentials covers the most important skills and techniques your customer service professionals need to succeed in their roles through essentials customer service. After participating in our exceptional customer service training, your people will know how to:

  • Convey positive voice tone and word choices
  • Consistently create positive first impressions
  • Guide and control every conversation
  • Understand when and how to use empathy
  • Build and maintain rapport
  • Transform negative messages to aid in customer cooperation
  • Skillfully handle difficult customer interactions
  • Apply standards for internal and external communication

Business Outcomes

Customers should walk away from every interaction satisfied with your service. That’s the key to building customer loyalty.

After they participate in the Customer Service Essentials course, your team members will understand how their actions build customer loyalty and feel empowered to represent your company effectively. Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty set your organization apart from the competition — and transform one-time customers into repeat advocates through essentials customer service.

Program Format

The first part of the Customer Service Essentials course focuses on fundamental knowledge for customer service professionals, such as:

  • How to greet a customer
  • How to manage your voice tone
  • Concluding a phone call
  • Properly transferring a customer to another team member

We also cover the expectations that team members set every time they speak with a customer. The goal is to discover the importance of building a positive reputation that precedes every customer call through essentials customer service.

Remote and Online Training Available

Do you have a distributed workforce? Are there people who you’d love to take this course, but they work in a different office location? 

We offer Live Remote Training so all of your team members can receive exceptional customer service training. Contact us today for more information.

Are you struggling to figure out how you can commit a full day to this session? Or do you simply want to start improving your customer satisfaction immediately? 

Sustain the Training and Its Benefits

Once you’ve finished the Customer Service Essentials course, you and your team will see immediate improvements in your customer interactions and team members’ abilities. But maintaining those benefits over time requires an organizational environment committed to consistent exceptional customer service training.

The excitement around new training and lessons learned lasts for only so long. In fact, research shows that people can forget 75% of what they’ve learned within 24 hours of learning it! Without proper reinforcement and encouragement, your people may not recall the important lessons they’ve just learned and slip back into old habits. And that could affect the gains you’ve made in customer satisfaction and loyalty!

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