Path of Exile: It has been a while since Scourge was released, and the enthusiasm of players has diminished. But there are still players who choose to buy POE Currency in order to get a better gaming experience. Grinding Gear Games redesigned Skill Trees when it was released to improve the quality of the game. In addition, they also provide some new skill gems, including different gems for Party Play and Solo Play.

For Party Play, all gems are suitable for linking players and companions, and provide them with some buffs together. Many players know that in Party Play, the lives of players and their companions are closely related, and if the companion dies, the player will also die. This not only increases the risk, but also adds fun. Players can use POE Currency to buy some gems that can increase damage and defense for themselves and their companions. Players can choose from Flame Link, Protective Link, Intuitive Link, Vampiric Link, Destructive Link and Soul Link. The effects of these gems are different, and more are to increase damage and life for their companions.

For Solo Play, players can choose from Poisonous Concoction, Temporal Rift, Tornado and Energy Blade. Players can spend POE Currency to get the gems they want.

Although the league is the main content of Path of Exile: Scourge, these gems can provide more fun and game builds for later games. Players who want to know more about Path of Exile: Scourge can view the guide and POE Currency Buy at Now offers a 5% discount to everyone. The discount code is “GEM”.