The Dallas Cowboys won their first Madden season win, defeating the Carolina Panthers 28-21. This was due to Mut 22 coins a balanced strategy. Dak Prescott was masterful at throwing the ball and Ezekiel Elliott was dominant on ground. The victory was Dallas' first of the Madden simulated season however what else did it teach us?

Prescott completed 18 out of 20 passes to score two touchdowns. He also avoided costly turnovers which could have cost Dallas in the earlier simulations. His two fumbles came in a pair of throws on Dallas' second drive after an eight-yard sack on 1st and 10 resulted in the Cowboys in a bind near midfield.

As amazing as Dak was, however the style was set from the beginning by his most popular running back, Ezekiel Elliott.Ezekiel Elliott was the motor of the offense.Dallas"s opening drive was a real grind 'em down affair, chewing up clocks and shifting chains behind Elliott's physical running before striking it in the endzone for the game's first score. 

The lead was extended by a one-yard touchdown behind Elliott. Although Carolina tried to attack late to keep things interesting but the Panther offense was stale due to Elliott's lead.Elliott finished the day with 22 carries and 122 yards. That's a good performance of 5.5 per head. 

Prescott was in a better position to run due to cheap madden 22 mut coins Elliott hitting the hole with a hammer every time. The result was a huge day for them both, but it would not have happened if had not been for Elliott's big day and the two initial weeks of the Sims showed us.