Are you currently reading Dofus Kamas or is it impossible to buy homes? Because that's really ridiculously bad for individuals running teams. That would undo any other QoL updates planned. People will have homes within a week. Just a few hours in blacksmith and you have the Dofus kamas for a home. Do they actually think it will take people a month or whatever to receive 1mk? This is not Dofus 1.29 as it was initially, we are all a lot more experienced and aren't 10 years old, we'll progress a lot faster. Kralove changes are actually amazing though. Feels good not to be made to play with a four sadi team.

Easy put all items and to teleport to guild home then go back to whatever youre doing. Its extremely frustrating to trade between characters to store in 1 accounts bank because you can only do 1 char at a time before pods are complete, then save all of the things, then trade more etc etc.. Just throwing it in a torso is super easy. Pods are a rare resource in Dofus 1.29. Profesions are very slow to level and teams dont because people opt for int teams possess a strength character. So you have pods that are 1k. That fills up really fast, particularly if youre using enus.Chance for your sacri and int for Eni is your best option.

You are going to need a gobball place for the Eni, however I think that every gobball zone will probably be over populated in the beginning so I either recommend to combine a group to avoid that or to loot. You'll require a moskito set for the sacrier as well, it is possible to find some moskito at a great deal of areas including Pandala. There is a lot of areas to go for your sac, particularly when you unlock your cha spell. Mushd zone, Piglet zone, gobballs... This will quite rely on the number of people that'll be on every map honestly, hard to buy Kamas Dofus Retro predict.A great deal of things below lvl 100 can be dropped from monsters, including really the gely set along with the gelano.