Nowadays, the improvement of people's living standards has driven the development of the Villa Elevator industry, but we have learned that many people have not mastered the proper precautions after installing the villa elevator. So, what are the precautions for the proper use of villa elevators? Next, the Otse elevator will tell you in detail.

  1. When calling the elevator, passengers only need to press the call button in the direction they are going to go. Do not press both the up and down direction buttons at the same time, so as to avoid useless car parking and reduce the overall elevator efficiency of the building. At the same time, this is also to avoid incorrect operation of the safety device, causing passengers to be trapped in the car and affecting the normal operation of the elevator.
  2. When the elevator door is opened, do not put your hands on the door panel, to avoid crushing your fingers when the door panel is retracted. When the elevator door is closed, do not put your hands on the edge of the door, otherwise it will affect the closing action and even hurt your fingers. When taking a child, you should tighten or hold the child in the elevator.
    3. Many people are used to blocking the door when entering the elevator. Although there is no danger, if the time is too long, the elevator control part will think that the elevator has malfunctioned, it may alarm or even stop. So the more correct way is to press the door button after you enter.
    4. Keep a certain distance from the elevator door when taking the elevator. Because the elevator door is connected to the hoistway when the elevator is running, the relative speed is very fast, and if the elevator door fails, passengers near the door will be very dangerous.
    5. Don't jump in the elevator. There are many safety protection switches on the elevator car. If you jump in the car, the car will tilt severely, which may cause the protection switch to operate and put the elevator into a protective state. Once this happens, the elevator will stop emergencyly, causing the passengers to be trapped.

What are the precautions for the proper use of villa elevators? The above is the content of the precautions for the correct use of villa elevators shared by Otse Elevator. I hope everyone can use home elevators more safely after reading. Here are a few important points to remind you that when using the elevator safely, you must keep a certain distance from the elevator door when you call the elevator, when the elevator door is open, including when taking the elevator, and do not jump in the elevator.