Air tools has a bright future, mainly in three aspects:

1.Air tools has strong working ability and is more suitable for long-term work than ordinary electric tools.

2.Air tools has strong environmental adaptability. Air tools has strong water resistance, does not generate electric sparks, and can adapt to various bad or harsh environments.

3.Air tools has low maintenance cost. Air tools uses air pressure piping equipment and does not need to replace parts like electric tools.

The purpose of hardware air tools is the same as or even worse than other electric tools. It is small and exquisite in body, long in service life, high in safety and energy saving.

As far as China's air tools market is concerned, its varieties and specifications are relatively complete, such as wind chisel, gun drill, polishing machine, impact wrench, etc., but its market price is much higher than that of ordinary electric tools, which is one of the main reasons why air tools are not widely used.

China started its manufacturing industry and poking technology relatively late. After more than ten years, it has also made great development. air tools has the characteristics of high quality, long service life, high speed, high output force and high precision, etc. It has been quickly popularized and applied to various industrial departments and has achieved remarkable benefits.

At present, air tools has been used in assembly industry, machinery industry, dynamic transportation industry and some assembly line enterprises or manufacturers.

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