provide Ghostbusters items, as well as those from Rocket League Prices beyond Haunted Hallows occasions, inclusive of Stay Puft and Reaper Goal Explosions, as well as the Ecto-1 — the first licenced vehicle to return returned to the store.

Haunted Hallows 2020 kicks off these days, October 20th, at 9am PDT / 4pm UTC, finishing on November 2d at 6pm PDT / 1am November 3rd UTC. The devs say Spike Rush, the second time restricted mode, is going live .

on October 26th whilst Haunted Heatseeker will be stay alongside the event later these days. A patch additionally just went live. It appears to be a particularly small one — you can study the total patch notes for all the adjustments — but its new content material entails Season 1 Series Blueprints turning into available as drops after on-line matches.