Samsung has provided details on its Samsung Mobile Care (SMC) programme for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. SMC for the new smartphones was announced earlier this week Matt Dumba Womens Jersey , and gives device owners the option to repair their screen and replace their battery. Samsung said users will also receive a free battery replacement with each screen repair.


Users must register within 30 days of purchasing their new ung has now detailed the fees involved in the SMC offering for South Africa. The company said if users register for SMC before 30 March 2018, the first six months will be free.


For example, if there is a crack on your device screen, you will be charged R1,500 for the first month, and after a one-month free period Ryan Suter Womens Jersey , you will be charged an additional fee of more than R1,000.


Samsung鈥檚 latest smartphone, the Galaxy S9, was released this month. As some organizations carefully inspect equipment, manufacturers have announced that they will upgrade the service to their authorized repair locations.


SquareTrade, a device insurance company Luke Kunin Womens Jersey , tested the Galaxy S9 to determine how it stands up to wear and tear. The company found that it is more durable than the previous generation and Apple鈥檚 iPhone X; however, 鈥渋ts all-glass design is still highly vulnerable to damage,鈥?according to a press release.


Samsung Repairer is the best place to get your Samsung mobile phone or laptop repaired in the UK. SamsungRepairer, offering high-quality genuine parts for the replacement of parts in Samsung gadgets.
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Canadian Pharmacy Warns Normal-Weight Individuals with Metabolic Syndrome Health Articles | March 27, 2012

Non-obese individuals with metabolic syndrome have raised risk for heart failure compared to obese patients without metabolic syndrome.??


Non-obese individuals with metabolic syndrome have raised risk for heart failure compared to obese patients without metabolic syndrome.??


Metabolic syndrome symptoms include raised blood pressure Marcus Foligno Womens Jersey , above normal insulin levels, extra body fat surrounding the waist, excessive triglycerides andor irregular cholesterol levels, which increase the risk of stroke, heart illness and diabetes.? With these known symptoms, it?s easier to know when to buy Plavix.?


Study lead author Dr. Christina Voulgari Jason Zucker Womens Jersey , from the first department of cardiology at Athens University Medical School at Hippokration Hospital in Athens, Greece, stated that the results recommend that "we should focus not on weight loss at any given cost but (on) a healthier lifestyle."?


"Yes, in general, obesity is a bad thing," according to Dr. Robert Scott III Joel Eriksson Ek Womens Jersey , an associate professor of internal medicine at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine and a senior staff cardiologist at Scott & White in Temple, Texas. "But it's not everything. And here we have a bit of fine-tuning that suggests that the important thing with obesity tends to be the metabolic syndrome."?


"And that means," Scott further added, "that if you have this constellation of factors ? high blood pressure, low HDL, high sugar levels ? you are going to face a much higher risk for coronary heart disease and congestive heart failure even if you are not obese." Generic Plavix can largely help if you are in a budget.


But Dr. Gregg C. Fonarow Zach Parise Womens Jersey , a professor of cardiovascular medicine at University of California, Los Angeles, said, "while the study drives home the notion that metabolic risk factors are key to heart disease risk, obesity is still a problem."?


The Greek researchers "are just looking at heart failure here," he noted. "But obesity also comes along with a higher risk for diabetes Mikko Koivu Womens Jersey , cancer and shortened survival overall. So it's not that one's overall health in the long-term will not be adversely affected by being obese. Getting to a healthy body weight, of course, remains as important as ever."? This will prevent you from going to Canadian pharmacy as well.?


Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders that, when occurring together, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Some studies have shown the prevalence in the USA to be an estimated 25% of the population, and prevalence increases with age.?


Metabolic syndrome is also known as metabolic syndrome X Mike Reilly Womens Jersey , cardiometabolic syndrome, syndrome X, insulin resistance syndrome, Reaven's syndrome (named for Gerald Reaven), and CHAOS (in Australia).?


Presently there are a couple of sets of defining criteria for metabolic syndrome set out by two different sources -- the International Diabetes Federation and the revised National Cholesterol Education Program. These are very similar and they identify individuals with a given set of symptoms as having metabolic syndrome. There are two differences, however: the IDF state that if BMI > 30 kgm2 Chris Stewart Womens Jersey , central obesity can be assumed, and waist circumference does not need to be measured. However, this potentially excludes any subject without increased waist circumference if BMI < 30. Conversely, the NCEP definition indicates that metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed based on other criteria. Also, the IDF uses geography-specific cut points for waist circumference while NCEP uses only one set of cut points for waist circumference regardless of geography. These two definitions are much more similar than the original NCEP and WHO definitions.


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