Recently, there have been many problems with New World, including players who are part of the New World company finding that they seem to cannot declare war on various territories. Although they think they have met the conditions for initiating a territorial conflict, they still cannot start a war, so they cannot enjoy the excitement of the war and New World Coins they could have obtained.

Amazon Game Studios reported in its latest development blog that it believes it “solves most situations”, especially in the recent update that fixed the error “many players from one faction turned to PvP missions at the same time.” This means that the impact of these tasks has not been calculated correctly, so players only get rewards from New World Coins after completing PvP tasks, but it is unknown whether their company’s contribution to influence has increased.

However, players will soon be able to declare war more easily in New World, which is a great relief for anyone who is tired of peacetime nonsense. Faced with other war-related issues, Amazon Game Studios believes that this issue needs to be resolved as soon as possible. They hope that through this, players will restore their confidence in New World, enhancing their desire to buy New World Coins.

In fact, Amazon Game Studios still needs to face another problem, New World does not correctly display the company’s influence contribution, so players can not know whether they are qualified to start a war. The team is investigating the cause of this problem, which will take some time.

Amazon Game Studios also answered questions about cross-region server transfers and stated that the emergence of small maps will not be soon. Players who also need to know about other strategies of New World can view the guide and buy New World Coins at IGGM.

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