Amazon Game Studio revealed on the official forum that New World is “start on some next steps to combat.” Developer DaveNW introduced the changes considered by the team to the players, and explained that the developers’ “initial focus will be on weapon swaps, dodge cancellation, and attack input windows,” which can be very helpful in combat in Aeternum. The addition of these auxiliary functions will stimulate players’ desire to buy Cheap New World Coins.

First, one area currently being studied by Amazon Game Studio is the responsiveness of exchange weapons and ensuring the consistency of all game attacks. Because the team hopes that the switching between weapons will become “an integral and fluid part of combat”. In this way, the weapons gained by players by manufacturing or spending New World Coins can be battled and exchanged quickly.

Amazon Game Studio is exploring options around the game “dodge cancel windows and attack input timings during recoveries of all of our attacks”. The primary focus here is to ensure that the gameplay is consistent and smooth, so as not to affect the speed at which players can win New World Coins and rare items. Amazon Game Studio essentially wants to ensure that the input windows of all New World weapons and abilities are consistent.

Before the official release, these are beautiful imaginations. Players also hope that the addition of these features will make it easier for them to fight in New World. After all, in the game, players not only need to buy New World Coins to get high-rated equipment, but also need auxiliary functions that make the battle smoother.