That being said, when leveling a particular class you can always fall back on generic leveling builds. The assembles we set together in our Witch leveling manual will provide you optimal leveling poe currency choices without needing to commit to a certain build straight away.Bear in mindthat'll receive around 20 points of sorrow by doing all the quests, so use them wisely!

Before you get into your specific builds, you're likely to need several generic leveling items. They aren't necessary, but they'll make your life much easier. If you've played much Path of Exile you will understand these items off by heart, and probably have a set. In any event, here we go.

If you have money to burn, catch a +1 to level a socketed gems variant. It'll be about five times as costly, but it'll provide you a nice boost to leveling up, particularly as a spellcaster. It will also let you use a number of wands (rather than be limited to Lifesprigs) if you would like to. As for weapons, you are going to want to get dual wield Lifesprigs. Despite being flat one wands, these will take you all the way to maps in case you don't want to substitute them. Early on, they're great to set your gems in, due to the +1 to level.

All these are cheap and provide buy poe rmt up to 40% to each of elemental resistances. This is enormous, and will easily carry you to maps. For the gloves and boots you will want Wanderlust and Lochtonials, respectively. These are both really good starter items, but you'll want to replace them once you get to Act Six to get new gear with resists. For the belt, we recommend Darkness Enthroned with two gems which have flat damage to spells on them. This alone will put your damage through the roof.