A lot of discussion recently Uganda unrealized gains placing the issue is becoming a means of tax evasion. So we propose the sale of 10% shares in Tesla. (Nylon musk)

This should not be the richest man in the world decide whether to pay taxes to the Twitter poll. It is now time to introduce a tax billionaire. (Rep. Ron and whether)

Nylon Maersk, the world s richest man in the last 7 days (local time), Tesla asked whether the sale of 10% equity, while the Twitter survey has Rodrigo gaze on the Billionaire income.

Musk has been much discussion recently Uganda unrealized gains placing the issue is becoming a means of tax evasion. So I propose the sale of a 10% equity Tesla raised posts. He said, I ll follow any results naohdeun. This vote has cast a vote 58% of the total involved approximately 3.5 million people.

Whether and in promoting the billionaires tax on Maersk surprise move was criticized Senator Ron said, should not be the richest person in the world to determine whether the tax namely Twitter Vote via Twitter.

He said, It s time to really need a billionaire tax made a direct hit.

■ Bezos, just need to tax the richest stocks such as musk.

Billionaires tax is a measure theory and whether the US House Democrats proposed.

The main point is critical intends to apply the minimum tax rate of 20% for stocks and bonds and unrealized gains. Nylon Musk and Jeff Bezos, like billionaire chaenggineun instead shares do not receive salary or bonus from the company to call a main target.

Recently a third consecutive year imports stood over one or taxed people more than the $10 billion in assets to $100 million. US Neeson about 700 people are expected to be subject to this law.

Whether Senator Obama, and why Chuck Jeff Bezos of the proposed budget and the policy immediately after the first non-profit think tank Center ranked the bill as a case was described not need a billionaire Income Tax Act.

According to village pretending to calculate the tax base Bezos, including unrealized gains if the stock billionaires tax is applied to amount to $100 billion. In the meantime, Bezos had to pay income tax by $80,000 public salaries.

Nylon Musk is a lot more assets are much more severe than Bezos.

19 Corona pandemic last year, assets of February 3 nylon Musk is just the beginning of the release was $250 billion. So were the Maersk current assets blow to US $318 billion.

WHY ELON MUSK IS SELLING 10% OF TESLA $TSLA STOCK EXPLAINED | VOLUME | $PPSI TRADE RECAP W/ ALEX* 1 year count is increased by 12 times in eight months. Tesla shares surged, while the recently increased 1000 US dollars 9000000000 only between three weeks.

However, nylon Maersk does little to income tax under the current tax system of the United States. This is because without a salary or bonus from the company that holds the body such as Tesla and SpaceX.

■ Musk, 2018 Income US $8410 million... a million dollar position when applying 5,000,000,005 years.

UC Berkeley economist Gabriel jerk, but that is not tweaked nylon Maersk Why violently opposed to billionaire tax.

Maersk is a federal income tax paid in 2018 was $8,410. However, if a billionaire to pay income tax to be introduced around $500 billion over the next five years tax.

So how does the Maersk to pay a certain tax when you sell the shares in accordance with the current tax?

According to Forbes Maersk has a Tesla shares 170,490,000 shares. The 17,049,000 shares if the sale of the 10%. 5 days is approximately 20.8 billion US dollars level if, based on the closing price of US $1,222.09 Tesla. If you sell at this price, tax is about $50 billion to me.

Musk when Tesla was the first to invest in paying 49 cents per share. Since Tesla shares was carried out 5 to 1 stock split. Therefore, if based on the current equity investment by Maersk money is a little lower than the level of 10 per cent.

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