The John Deere 5050 D is a 50 HP tractor loaded with powerful features, such as a 42.5 HP PTO, 2100 rpm, a 2900 CC engine, and an 8 Forward + 4 Reverse Gearbox. This makes it a versatile and capable choice for various agricultural tasks. John Deere 5050 Price starts from Rs. 7.80 - 8.50 Lakh* in India, reflecting John Deere's commitment to providing quality machinery at affordable rates, ensuring that farmers from different economic segments can benefit from its features.

Beyond its impressive specifications, the John Deere 5050 D stands out with its innovative and eye-catching design. The tractor's distinctive appearance not only adds to its overall appeal but also complements its exceptional performance across different surfaces. Its ability to work efficiently on all terrains makes it a reliable companion for a wide range of agricultural needs.