Scourge is one of the many extensions in Path of Exile, with a built-in timer to process its content. Scourge mechanism is that players need a lot of killing to stay longer in League-Scourge. This naturally promotes a style of play that moves through areas quickly while destroying as many monsters as possible in a short time. This is the need for Clear Speed. Players Buy POE Currency to optimize their construction in terms of damage, mobility, and survivability in order to play the best role in the game.

Of course, Clear Speed is not unique to Path of Exile. Wilson explained very well what the essence of ARPG is and what it means to build a place where players can get the best effort from the essence. ARPG game style revolves around building the most powerful characters, gaining loot and POE Currency through farming to become stronger, reducing the time required to do so exponentially, maximizing the results.

Path of Exile: Scourge has an implicit incentive that players will get twice the reward for killing enemies at twice the speed. Loot and POE Currency have always been important aspects of the game. With this in mind, figuring out how to handle party games in Path of Exile is also a challenge.

Before Scourge, players would rely on extremely powerful Aura skills, which can be stacked to provide extraordinary improvements for the entire team. The launch of Scourge weakened this, and GGG seized the opportunity to develop a new party skill to make up for it: Links. These are targeted buffs that a player can cast on friendly targets. Although they are very effective on their own, if the target of Link skills dies, the original caster will also die.

But playing together also raises the question of how much impact each character’s individual Clear Speed has on the party game experience. This also applies to Link skills. However, Wilson insists that of thumb, party games should never be more dynamic than single-player games because it involves social issues and more difficult balancing choices. So in order to motivate players to be more willing to use Link skills, the system will provide players with more generous rewards. Because players and their companions are tied up with life and death, they need to buy POE Currency to improve the abilities of themselves and their companions.