New Jordan 2020, For Travis Scott, things will only become more and more exciting. Together with Astroweek, the artist is preparing the entire series of Air Max 1s-some of which may soon debut with the help of SNKRS Pass. Just a few days before the event, the leaked new color pictures finally surfaced. This pair is very similar to "Baroque brown". However, the dark tones have almost completely disappeared, only appearing on the fox skin, lining and leather trim. Replaced by a dark tan helm, dyed each suede. Below, the light yellow complements the mesh, while the webbing, laces and back of the tongue are popped in bold red. Then complete the retro finish through the midsole.
2020 Cheap Jordans, Remember the time when Air Huarache was the most popular sneaker on the planet? We are not talking about the era when it first appeared in 1991, even though running shoes were quite popular at the time. Specifically, we are focusing on 2012-2014, when comfortable slip-on shoes began to dominate. Considering the existence of this classic Tinker Hatfield, no new design was needed. Due to the scarcity in the early 2000s, Nike Huarache was once one of collectors' most sought-after sneakers. Ten years later, Nike opened the floodgates of Huarache, and when Zara and H&M ripped you off, you knew you were successful. In the past few years, Huaraces must have cooled down, just because the diversity of products and brands has improved at that time. Nevertheless, few people can have the "timeless" quality like Air Huarache, and its success cannot even be placed on the entire nostalgic movement, because Huarache is still a modern appearance. This is the true genius of the legendary architect Tinker Hatfield, who designed most of the most important sneakers in Nike's history.
Only two months away from 2022, Nike Air Max 95 is adopting what can be said to be the final autumn color scheme. Although the popularity of orange is late for Halloween, the struts along the eyes and the miniature Swoosh add interest to the upper. Warm colors are also suitable for Air Units, providing a slight glow between their black shells. Similar neutral fixtures also decorate the upper, although they are largely concealed by the aforementioned tan and brown suede and olive mesh/leather panels.
Retro Jordan 2021, As the entire industry invests in innovation efforts in sustainability and waste reduction, footwear brands no longer focus on bells and whistles, and focus more on reducing carbon footprint, excess materials and overall labor demand. Although far from achieving zero waste, we have seen our favorite logos become creative through green initiatives in secret ways (such as the Next Nature series of essentials) and external methods (such as Dunk Low Scrap). Dunk Low Scrap seems to have achieved a reusable look by using waste materials that are usually discarded on the factory floor to grasp the silhouette of Dunk. Random materials and overlays give it a DIY aesthetic, a trend that has gone hand in hand with the sustainability movement in the past few years. This new style has appeared in many colorful options, and now through thick embroidery and floating pieces on the lace collar, the classic black/gum look is added with some subtle colors.