Polishing is only one of the ways many marble materials can be finished. Nowadays, it has become a specific choice more than a tradition to follow.

Thanks to CNC machines — machines with numerical control — today it’s possible to carry out many works on stone surfaces by marble cutting machine that only a few years ago couldn’t be imagined.

“That’s why today we can talk about [stone] design and also an industrial approach to decorating this material,” someone says. “Now we are able to obtain something that working by hand couldn’t achieve, and create different products that are complementary to the handcrafted and artistic ones.”
“First of all, technology allows extreme precision, as well as consistent work quality without imperfections, which are part of the traditional handcrafting work. It also allows the development of new kinds of products that could not be created with traditional technology,” that people says.

“The industrialization of marble-working for architecture and decoration is not recent, but the cutting-edge applications of CNC technology open up brand-new, interesting scenarios and possibilities for developing new product designs and producing great quantities for low costs and with less waste.”